Sunday, November 4, 2012

4TH November 2012

HI my dear blog.. :] 

i'm back with my second post.. :] 
today nothing much.. as usual..
mom and dad quarrel today..
over some matters..

went to work today.. was busy from morning will work finish.. don have the time to study F5.. 
hope i can study tonight.. just 2 or 3 chaps will be good.. 
tmr will be having class in the new building..
can't wait for it.. :]

looking forward for the next day/.. :] can't imagine how it will be..

that's all for today my dear blog see u tmr.. 

Saturday, November 3, 2012


dear my long forgotten blog.. :]

Im back.. decided to start up on blogging again.. as my diary.. 
its been so long since my last post.. it has been 2 years and almost 3 years.. 
some how im back..

current situation.. now in college.. having a stressful college life.. but still can managed it..
still busy like always.. there's been up and down.. :]
im now in src and bas society.. 
back to the busy old me again.. 
haizz.. facing exam in dec..
now going to study my for my f5 paper.. 

my dear blog.. im gonna write in u every day.. :]

thank you my blog.. :]

love u..

Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Sweet 17..

28th January 2010

today is my birthday..
im suppose to be happy but i dunno why dat i dont have dat kind of feeling at alll..
at first was really sweet.. but now i dunno how to describe it anymore..
i think it was because of whenever its my birthday, something sure happen..
like last yr, i fall sick.. very teruk some more.. haizz..
thanks to those dat wishes me.. im happy bout dat..
ee-lin remembers my birthday.. ahhaa..
and yan mei, every yr also she wil give me stuff..
this yr, she gave me a book full of wishes..
i like it very much..
n this is also the first time dat my mom actually gave me a present..
mom gave me a necklace..
dad gave me RM50..
eunice, i think she kinda forgot.. but most of the ppl out of a sudden remember to wish me during recess.. haha..
ying ying and maril pula buy me a piece of cake which cost RM4!!
thanks to them.. n hooi ping too.. for the cocopie.. haha..
i appreciate it a lot..

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


20th January 2010

why the world becoming like this?? or is it anything wrong with this yr?? why everyone is like going one by one?? one after another..

this is the questions dat i had asked myself a lot of times..
its only the beginning of january, n a lot of stuff happened..
the worst tragedy ever...
6 ppl died. 1 teacher, 5 students...
all from CLHS.
it was really shocking for everyone when they got to know bout it..
im one of them..
especially i know one of them.. Brendon Yeoh..
i knew him as i remembered from CLHS installation or PCGHS installation.
probably, we just smile at each other before..
we dont even have a proper talk..
dats wat i regret right now..
n yesterday, Tuesday, was supposed to go with yan mei, siu yee and poh yi to brendon's funeral..
but my parents dont allow..
i really feel guilty bout it.. n very regret dat i cant even attend their funeral..
especially when i know dat person..
n today, its the last day for yi zhang's funeral..
wanted to go but school finish at 2.30..
if i go also pointless..
all the scouts, guides and rangers will be there..
how i wish i can be there.. T.T

rest in peace!!!!

Jason Ch'ng, Yi Zhang, Brendon, Zi Jun, Yong Xiang

may GOD bless u guys...

Sunday, December 27, 2009

bad day

27th December 2009

today on my way to gurney,
i kena snatch thief..
stupid ppl man..
luckily my bag strips were fragile enough n i hold my bag tightly..
luckily they din manage to snatch my bag..
i felt like kick the bike but i scared my dad got imbalance so i din do it..
n i watch Alvin And The Chipmunks today..
damn funny man..
today will be my last outing too..
cause school gonna reopen soon..
hope next yr will be a good yr for me..
in this month.. to be exact..
in this two weeks..
i watched avatar, alvin and the chipmunks, the princess and the frog, zombie land, storm warriors, sherlock holmes..
i had watched total of 6 movies in these two weeks.. i had break my record.. lolx..
neway.. its time for bed now..

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

why??! why??! why??!

23rd December 2009

maybe im playing too much this holiday..
maybe i had exceed my limit..
maybe i had done something really wrong..
maybe i had been too much..
maybe ...
maybe i had done something dat make ppl dont like me as in dont agree with me..
im having lots of maybe playing in my head..
so if i had been fooling around, im sorry..
but just let me finish my this last holidays with lots of good memories..
i really wanted to enjoy to the bits..
i hope u will understand...
i know u are worried bout me.. but pls.. just once more..
i just wanna..
i promise dat i will give my very best for next yr examination..
i really will give my best and do my best.
im serious..
but now.. i don think i will even enjoy after wat had happened..

Monday, December 7, 2009


8th December 2009

TRAPLEX had finally over..
and i can finally rest for three weeks..
hope it will turn out to be fun..

now im gonna type everything dat i can recall..

first day of precamp (1/12/09)
everyone work hard from today onwards..
everyone started to build gadget and gateway..
it started raining at round 6..
i get all my guides in..
and on this particular day also i heard something dat really made my heart ache..
and i cried because of it..
i just cant believe wat i heard..
i use parang to cut ham for kevin to lepaskan my geram..
n i broke down while cutting..
jian ming came to help..

second day of precamp (2/12/09)
today the same thing..
everyone pia for gateway and gadgetry..
something dat made the difference was i quarrel with kai xian today..
we quarrel cause of the matters dat brought up between guides and scouts..
we scold each other till very loud till everyone looked at both of us.s..
den eddy came to pull us to the side..
not enough some more..
alvin the tua liap pull both of us to talk in the building so no one can hear us quarrel...
kai xian brought up lots of matters to quarrel with me.
at night, gou shen dropped me home. one of the ex-scout..
before go home, we went to eat.. i was the only girl there with 4 guys..
can say its my worst nightmare..
chong wee, eddy, hon sen(sorry if i spelled wrongly) and gou shen..
the whole night they talked bout "interesting" stuff..
which was worst den koko's friend.. haiz...
neway i would like to thanks gou shen for dropping me home..

camp day (3/12/09)
TRAPLEX 09 started..
first day of camp..
logbook competition, modern cooking competition and 3-D board game competition..
these were the competition held on first day..
and was also the day dat i shouted in General Assembly..
due to the attitude of the guides..
me and xinyi tl the guides..
both of us had became the first ppl dat ever scolded the guides in GA..
i got to take lots of souvenirs from their modern cooking competition..
this is also the day dat i scolded one of the cgl guides..

camp day (4/12/09)
camp night..
she came..
i the whole night damn tl..
the whole group..
felt damn lazy to talk to them..
n this was the first time dat i had to take care three things at one time..
food, shirts and drinks..
zoe came to visit in the afternoon..
the camp night turned out to be quite successful..
at least i did not sell drinks this yr..
n the tua liap bluff me to be interview by ppl from tv programme..
n i used the same tactic to get megan, wern yen and kuang ling to be interview also..

camp day (5/12/09)
backwoodsman competition..
most of the food dat i ate were not really cook..
almost got stomachache..
prepare for cabaran..
kena two eggs like last yr..
one from hendry and another one from you gene..
i cleared hq..
its almost like spring cleaning..
megan came to help..
memorable night..
me and khia ling not in the mood..
so the both of us the whole night do skewer for ppl only..
towards the end, khai long went really hyper..
this yr, i din really cry a lot like last yr..
this yr, i started crying when the started to cheer..
wern yen was the first wan to cry..
i don really eat much..
me and wern yen started eating when everyone went back..
today was my unlucky day..
whatever i eat, the food will fell down..
and today also i accidentally sit on butter..
a few ppl joined me and wern yen eat..
jian ming, daryl, kai xian, daniel, adrian, kevin, kah heng, jun jin, yew tien, and another form one guy dat i forgot the name..
we crapped a lot dat night..

last day of camp (6/12/09)
today last inspection..
and also Final Assembly..
my stomachache getting worse as i fall asleep in front of participant..
koko bought me, khai ling, choo and xinyi hot milo..
it was really hot..
a lot of things happened today also..
the results came out..
Unit 1-best venture unit overall, best VUS (mei chern), best dance, best actress (janice), best Eiffel making
Unit 2-Best VUL (daryl), best tower and gateway, best logbook making, best sketch, best actor (daryl)
Owl-Best Chariot, Best PS (mee quin), Best dress

went to beach..
emotional stuff happened again..
we the excos cried for the last time..
later at night, we went to mcd..
thanks for the milo jian ming..
left me, wern yen, koko, jojo, jian ming and kih ee only..
so we gossip lots of stuff dat night..
when we get into the car, me, wern yen, jojo and jian ming gossip again..
we gossip till wern yen's mom dropped each one of us back..
i reached home at round 12 something..

dats the end of TX09..

i would like to show my gratitude to those dat joined TX this yr..
the form 1s, 2s, 3s and 4s..
thanks for the hard work..
and ur hard work had been paid off..
n to those dat their parents complaint, i would like to say im sorry..

this will be my last yr participating in this camp..
i will really miss TX..
hope the new generation will do better den this yr..
thanks a lot for making it such a memorable yr..

p/s kai xian, we wont get the chance to quarrel anymore.. XD
wern yen, thanks for the transportation and all..
jian ming, thanks for belanja-ing.. hehe..

dats all for this post..
if i got anything to add, i will add in.. haha...